Friday, January 11, 2019

1/7- Room 207


On Friday, January 3, the three kings visited all of the classrooms
and blessed the doors in preparation
of the feast of the Three Kings on January 6.

This feast celebrates
Jesus' first manifestation to the Gentiles
through the Magi.

Of course the Three Wise Ones were chosen from the class of 2020,
and we are very proud of them
for leading the school in this celebration of faith.

One Acts

The 8th graders are directing four one act plays
starring the 5th-7th graders.
We have been practicing a lot this week
to get them stage ready for their grandparents.


The 8th grade has started reading Romeo and Juliet.
Their experience with Shakespeare shows,
and they are comprehending much more fully
all the riches that this play offers.

Because I have chosen to attribute this
to their experience reading Shakespeare,
They have inspired me to read
A Midsummer Night's Dream
with the current 7th grade...

and the 7th graders did not disappoint.
They instantly met the challenge
and are merrily making their way through
this well loved comedy.

Their enthusiastic engagement with the text
promises that they will get as much out of the experience
that the 8th graders did last year.


Vocabulary Skits





Friday, December 14, 2018

12/14- Room 207

Operation Advent 

This Advent we are collecting school supplies
to fill the Providence Center's wish list.
The Providence Center operates in the Fairhill section of Philadelphia,
an area with both the highest poverty rate and murder rate in the city.
In the midst of the struggles that accompany such statistice,
The Providence Center offers the hard-working families of Fairhill
education, love, and possibility.

Please do what you can.
Goods being collected:
dry erase markers, notebooks and lined paper, pens and pencils, colored computer paper, construction paper, critical thinking games (chess, Stratego, ect.), cooperative games (story cubes, Race to the Treasure, ect.)


This week has been a strange one for 7th and 8th graders.

Many classes have been missed for practices for the Christmas Concert

and the Lower School Christmas Show, hand bell performances, and the choir trip.

Here is the 7th grade practicing:

Nonetheless, we made the most of the time we had together.

7th graders are neck-deep in their analysis of

The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier.

While it admittedly looks like the workings of a madman, 
it is evidence of sustained hard work and focus. 
The lightbulbs above their heads are becoming blinding. 

The 7th grade boys were able to get an extra practice in this week
 for their upcoming one act performance. 
Don't worry if it is a little hard to follow at this stage in the game;
they are exactly where they should be.
Their performance is going to be show stopping

As for the 8th grade, I really hardly saw them this week.

When I did, they were busy putting the final touches on their research papers,
which are due the day before we leave for break.

We did squeeze in some time for work on their verbals videos,
but there are no fished products yet unfortunately.
I am hopeful for next week.
Stay tuned...

Thursday, December 6, 2018

12/5-Room 207

8th Grade

The 8th grade is in the middle of a unit on MLK speeches and writings.
So far, we have read 
Letter from a Birmingham City Jail,
The Power of Non-Violence, 
and his I Have a Dream speech

Next week we will be reading 
I Have Been to the Mountaintop
and his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech.

Christmas has come early to the 8th grade LA class....for me. 
The 8th graders are rewriting '90s songs 
to display mastery of their verbals unit. 
Get excited!

"When I Come Around" by Green Day
"Gerund is a Noun" by J, J, C, Z

"Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio 
"Participle Paradise" By A, M, V, E

"Fresh Prince of Bel Air" by Will Smith
"Infinitives in D.H." by C, T, M, A, S


7th Grade

The 7th grade is reading The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier 
and annalyzing the developing themes.


They are also presenting in small groups on verb tenses. 

W, A, J with the CNBA Tense Finals
between progressive and perfect tenses 
with a simple tense announcer.

C,T,L made a news show
with advertisements from the tenses
 to explore simple, progressive,and perfect tenses.

K., R., and L. created a series of games, 
Jeopardy, Kahoot, and a twist on Twister, 
 to review the material. 

J, B, E three skits on progressive tenses, simple tenses, and perfect tenses. 



Throughout the Advent season,
Holy Child will be collecting materials
to support The Providence Center.

The Providence Center provides educational services
to the community in the Fairhill section of Philadelphia.

Providence Center Flyer

The median income per household in this neighborhood is less than $15,000,
which makes for the highest poverty rate in the city.
Additionally, Fairhill's murder rate is over five times the city's average,
which again makes for the highest in the city.
In the midst of the struggles that accompany such statistics,
The Providence Center offers the hard-working families of this neighborhood
education, love, and possibility.

Holy Child aims to help with that mission through Operation Advent.

Please help however you can by donating from the items on their wishlist:
dry erase markers, notebook and lined paper, pens and pencils,
colored computer paper, construction paper,
critical thinking games (chess, Stratego, Ticket to Ride, etc.),
cooperative games (story cubes, race to the Treasure, etc.).

We've Adopted a Soldier

As a homeroom, we have decided to adopt a soldier
 through Adopt a US Soldier. 
We sent him a homemade joke book 
as a way of introducing ourselves, 
and we will be keeping in touch
throughout his deployment.



Friday, November 16, 2018

11/12- Room 207- Service, Vocab, 2 more geniuses

Walk to End Alzheimer's

This past windy Suday, a group of eighth graders and some of their parents 
were able to make the Walk to End Alzheimers in Philadelphia by the stadiums. 
We partacipated as part of Pop's Paisan's in support of A's pop. 

7th Vocabulary Skits

Always a favorite. Test Monday. 






8th Grade Research

I am constantly energized by this project,
 yet I am constantly at a loss of how to convey that overwhelming inspiration here. 
Nonetheless, I will try. 

Two more 8th graders reached out to the climate scientists who are the subjects of their research
and received replies from these world renowned academics. 

V. heard back from Dr. James E. Hansen, 
a former NASA scientist 
who famously  warned the world of the threat of climate change back in 1988. 

He is currently an activist (and professor at Columbia)
doing anything and everything he can to wake the world up to this reality. 
This includes suing the US government and communicating with our V. 
Hensen not only gave V the benefit of a personal primary source inteview, 
but he also sent her links to news interviews and pieces of his own writing 
that he thought would make her understanding that much more profound. 

M heard back from Dr. Klaus Lackner. 
His research is primarily focused on the carbon cycle
 and fabricating machines that can capture carbon as quickly as we produce it. 
He spoke to M about his own CO2 capturing inventions, 
his thoughts on the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, 
and the realities surrounding our hopes for the future. 

These scientists aren't softballing our kids. 
They are speaking to them with confidence that they can understand
 the scientific, humanitarian, economic, and geopolitical complexities involved...
and our kids are getting it. 

They are asking intelligent questions, 
following up, and holding their own 
in an arena they don't even qualify to play in. 

I am beyond stoked. I am beyond proud. I am beyond hopeful. 

Friday, November 9, 2018

11/9 Not to Be Missed- interview with a genius and 7th adjective projects

Research Gets Real!

Last week J. emailed 
to the topic of his first semester research report 
Wallace Broecker, literally the
Instead of answering J.'s questions via email, 
Dr. Broecker invited J. to call him, so J. did!

On Monday, J. made the call 
and engaged in a half an hour interview
with one of the greatest minds of our times!

 "To his colleagues, peers and admirers he is a genius and a pioneer, the Grandfather of Climate Science...Broecker is arguably one of the world’s greatest living geoscientists. For more than half a century, his major research interest has been the ocean’s role in climate change. He was among the pioneers in radiocarbon and isotope dating... He was also the first person ever to recognize the Ocean Conveyor Belt (which he named), arguably the most important discovery in the history of oceanography and its critical relation to climate.
Broecker’s studies regarding biogeochemical cycles of carbon and the influence of climate change on polar ice and ocean sediments have earned him decades of international attention." -


J. got to pick this man's brain
and get his reaction to
 the most up to date events in climate change!
They even talked about an article
 in the New York Times published that day!

I am sorry for the superfluous exclamation points, 
but I cannot contain my elation 
that J. got to have this unique and powerful opportunity!

7th grade Adjective Project

7th graders worked in pairs or small groups
to write songs about assigned adjective topics. 

Adjective Phrases
by: A, C, K, and J

Ajdective Clauses 
by: W, L, L, and E

Interrogative Adjectives, Demonstrative Adjectives, and Indefinite Adjectives 
by: T, B, and J

Few and Little with Count and Noncount Nouns
By: J and R

8th Grade vs.  Faculty Volleyball Game 

Your kids were there too.

1/7- Room 207

Epiphany On Friday, January 3, the three kings visited all of the classrooms and blessed the doors in preparation of the feast of the...